You may wonder who is Rita? Rita is someone very dear to me who has sacrificed her life for me and wanted nothing but the best for me, she made the impossible possible for me by being by my side when I had no one. The interesting part is everyone has someone like this in their life but showing appreciation and creating a legacy is exceedingly difficult for that special someone. It was always a dream of mine to open a business and to share its profits with charity to those who are in need. Rita loves jewelry and loved helping those who were less fortunate, and I know that this was her passion but she put everything on hold just for me so I can live my life. She sold all her priceless jewelry without hesitation so I can pursue my education. As I got older I knew that Rita no longer has the capability of running or starting a business because she spent her whole life worrying about me and my needs, now its my turn to make the impossible possible for her. I created this website with the hope of being able to make her proud and show her that her dreams and her name will live on forever.  Rita is my mother, this dream is hers, and I will continue to show her that the impossible is possible for me and for everyone around the world.  I am running this business in the hopes not only to make others proud but to provide fine jewelry and excellent customer satisfaction to the nation as well. We hope you can be apart of this great journey! Thank you all in advance.